[MW3 1.9.453] Multi-Hack v2.0 by Skinksteek

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[MW3 1.9.453] Multi-Hack v2.0 by Skinksteek

Post  Dowit Hack on Wed 7 Nov - 23:40

screen :

VAC Status: Undetected, Use At You Own Risk


Set your prestige from prestige 1 – 20.
Set your level from 1 – 80.
Set your XP from 1 – 1746200.
Unlock all challenges (If not working, post a comment below)
Unlock all accolades (If not working, post a comment below)
Set Custom Classes from 6 – 15.
Set Prestige Token from 1 – 15.
All Perks Pro.
All Weapons Max Level.
Set Double XP.
Set Double Weapon XP.
Unlock all Titles and Emblems

Set Score.
Set Wins
Set Losses.
Set Ties.
Set Deaths.
Set Kills.
Set Assists.
Set Headshots.
Set Killstreak
Set Winstreak
Set Barracks Playtime
Set Leaderboard Playtime

Media Player

And theres 2 hacks left:
Unlimited UAV, ON and OFF Button
Laser, ON Button


1. Extract the Multi-Hack to somewhere. Whit WinRar or whatever you use.
2. Start Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. [Or the trainer, doesent matter which you start first]
3. Start the trainer. [Or if you started the trainer first, start Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3]
4. Do whatever you want in the trainer and have fun!
Telechargement : http://www.dl4.olgh.net/index.php?act=dl&id=1351674038 click download now
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